Club news items

Date Posted by Title Details
30 Mar 2021 Stephen Wilcock Return to training

Monday and Wednesday training has resumed.  Check the forum for details of the COVID-safety measures.

16 Feb 2021 Stephen Wilcock Virtual Cross Country

Check out the Events forum for a virtual cross country relay.

05 Feb 2021 Tim Mortimer Keep on getting out and training!

Despite the current restrictions on travel and meetings, it is important to keep your own training regime going as best you are able for both physical and mental wellbeing. While the restrictions may take time to ease, spring is not too far away and with that an opportunity to get outside to run more easily with better weather and more daylight. The club is also active on this website and through other means so there is still the chance to stay connected and keep going individually until circumstances permit us to run as a group again.

05 Feb 2021 Tim Mortimer Continued restrictions affecting Sheen Shufflers

As stated elsewhere on the site, please note that training is suspended due to the current government guidelines. A decision to resume will be made after March 8th 2021, taking into account future guidelines issued by the government and English Athletics. We will provide updates as soon as we are able.